"B & I were very pleased to meet you this morning and we were certaily impressed, not only with your knowledge and professionalism, but also the speed with which you reacted to our somewhat time-critical issues. We will be doing more business together in the future."

B & I Mount Tamborine  

"There is a real need for your services and someone like you up here. We appreciate not only your knowledge and expertise, but you are obviously also someone who has experienced life and we value your understanding of human frailty and your input and time you have taken to understand our circumstances" 

A & A Mount Tamborine

"After seeing Sonya I realised there were more options available to me for my family law property settlement than I realised. Her advice allowed me to negotiate my settlement with the confidence of knowing what the financial consequences were going to be for me going forward in my new life.  I didn't feel that I needed to push for a higher percentage as I had flexibility in the stratgies that were available to me.  It definately gave me a tactical edge"

J.B .Toowong  

"It has always been my wish that you remain my financial adviser. I am sure that X is a fine person but I have a trust in you that would be hard to equal. I feel that no matter how small the issue, you will answer my queries promptly  and honestly."

A.W. Canberra

"Sonya's friendly yet down to earth approach put me at ease straight away. She approached everything in a professional way and kept me up to date at all times. Her knowledge across both financial planning and law was a fantastic resource to draw upon."

S. W. North Lakes  

"We took advantage of the couples WIlls package which was fantastic as we'd put off having our Wills done for too long. At least we now have peace of mind that our hard earned property will be protected"

B & P S  Brighton

"I've been in business for over 10 years now. Until I met Sonya I didn't realise how vulnerable I was financially if something happened to either me or my partner. I am really thankful that we now have a contingency plan in place for the business if anything unexpected happens. It will mean the difference between the business being shut down or not" 

D. P.Gold Coast




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